The sun is out, no wind, and it is warm! I freaking LOVE this weather! It's funny to me how some people complain all summer that it is too hot, then winter rolls around and they complain that it is too cold.etty

For those people I hope you enjoyed today! No wind, the sun was out, and it was not cold or hot.

On days like today I have a hard time deciding exactly what to do, I mean come on I've been cooped up inside either because it's been cold or windy so today was the perfect day to get out and get some stuff done.

First on the to do list was to get some yard work done, that fell to the wayside as soon as remembered NASCAR was on...

On to the next item on the list, wash the cars... only problem is my neighbor was out working on his truck and we got to talking...

Alright, the garage needs to be cleaned. Naturally as soon as I started moving stuff I found a box full of old pictures so I took them inside to sort.

Two hours later I woke up and realized the sun was going down. So much for my productive spring day.

On a serious note, God Bless all of those affected by the storms over the weekend.