Evidently there's a certain segment of our society these days that just looks for things to get p*ssed off about.  For example, I can write the word "guns" in any article and it doesn't matter what follows it, somebody will act like a jerk.  Myself, if I knew something like that was going to bother me, I wouldn't read it.  The fact of the matter is that there are billions and billions of articles on the internet and if you're going to get upset every time you disagree with one, you're going to have a very unhappy life.  More after the jump, if you care.


I write close to 100 blogs a month.  I'd say maybe 1 in about 10 deals with something other that may have some element of political or social relevance.  Of those 10, maybe 2 will make a couple of thin skinned people upset.

So lets pause of a second now and explore this.  Do you like 100% of your favorite bands songs? Is your favorite t.v. show "great" 100% of the time?  Do you like 100% of the movies you watch?  I think the honest answer is no.  Now, let's consider the source.  It's been DECADES since I've been near an English class.  I don't know if I've made a mistake unless the computer puts a little red line under it. My grammar will probably make your head hurt.  I'm an air personality who has kept up with current events. I'm not expert and I'm no politician.  I have a right to an opinion, but it is of no more or less value than anyone elses.    I do have a huge following, but I never for one minute assume they agree with me.  The difference between myself and others is, I refuse to pander to you guys.  You are far too smart to fall for that.  Part of the reason I have a huge following is that I'm not afraid to speak out.  Someone else can be in charge of blowing sunshine up your rears and there are more than enough candidates out there.  I'm not going to shy away from calling Lubbock "The Dirt" City, I'm going to tell you about crooked politicians and not be afraid to tell you when something sucks.  Lots of times I try to speak up for very small minorities or issues that need a spotlight and this can make the majority mad.  This is not to say that I don't love it here.  If I hated this place I wouldn't work so hard to try to make it better place to live.  I have had many opportunities to move and improve my career but Lubbock friends and family keep me here.

Now, I've derailed myself a bit, but WHERE I'm coming from is important.  We at FMX are doing something right.  We add between 70 to 100 Facebook friends a week. In Lubbock, only one T.V. station has a larger group of fans than FMX does and number three isn't even close to us.  As of this writing we are at over 13.5K fans.  Still, when we write something a little controversial, we'll get somebody with their underwear in a bunch writing "I'M DISLIKING YOUR PAGE".  Well, to be honest, we don't need those kind of knuckleheads.  Maybe the reason we have so many friends is that we're not afraid to make a few people mad.  On the other hand, once you "dislike my page", you've lost your voice.  If you're not willing to be our "friend" then why do we care what you think about anything?  If you truly care enough about something, write an intelligent response, and don't just get butthurt and go away.

Here's a little story for you.  I recently went to my favorite Chinese Restaurant and noticed a really aggravating trend.  I spoke up and it has not been a problem in the months since.  Instead of losing me as a customer, they strengthened their bond with me as a customer.  Now, had I complained about something they were okay with, that's fine, we would have parted ways amicably, but they deserved to know about the problem I was having.

To sum it all up, if you see something you don't like, don't read it, there's more coming along that you will like.  If you read something and you disagree with it or want to correct it, send a comment on.  You don't do yourself or us any favors, or make any changes by just "taking your toys and going home".   Lastly, remember that we do these things with good intentions and are more than willing to have a grown up dialogue with you.