Let's get serious here for a minute folks. It is impossible to turn the TV on these days and not hear another story about a kid that has committed suicide's after being bullied at school. This year alone there have been numerous cases right here in local schools and it seems it's brought up, then swept under the rug. Anyone remember hearing about the girl that was making threats against Coronado students on Facebook back around Christmas? What ever happened did they catch the person or what?

We have police in the schools and "zero tolerance policies" in force at all the schools but yet bulling goes on everyday at every school, and it seems to not make a bit of difference. In most cases the kids being picked on are singled out because of their race, their sexual preference, or some other obvious difference. Maybe it's time to stop looking at this kind of thing as bulling and recognize it for what it is... discrimination.

Adults wouldn't tolerate this sort of thing in the workplace, and our kids shouldn't have to put up with it in their schools. Maybe if the punishment extended beyond a video or a lectures; and parents of the kids doing the bulling (and the kids themselves) were faced with real punishments maybe then the message would start to get out that this kind of crap is not OK.

............stepping off my soap box.......