Hey if you don't like a band, don't go to the show and don't comment on the websites. There is absolutely no reason for you to go ruin someone elses good time.  Sorry kids, but this kind of thing is particularly rampant in the metal world.

Seriously, who needs all this metal posing?  "This band is better than that band" or "this band is harder than your band?"  Who cares?  If people are enjoying the music, why do you want to be dick and ruin their good time?  What makes these jerks thing their the arbiters of good taste?  Love of music and what is "good" is VERY subjective.  I can't even LISTEN to the bands that mags like Rolling Stone and Spin try to put across.  I enjoy what I enjoy and if I don't like a band, I don't go to the show.

Apparently this guy at a WARPED show, rather than going to see another band, rather than getting a hot dog, did whatever he could to dis and distract Black Veil Brides when they were on stage.  Well lead singer Andy Biersack sliced and diced this fan and showed him to be the candy-ass troll that he is.

Andy Biersack verbally decimates rude concert goer.