You may have picked up Bullet For My Valentine's latest record "Temper Temper" and if you did, you contributed to the 44,000 copies sold here in America during its opening week.

The newest album from the Welch rockers feature their latest singles "Temper Temper" and "Riot" as the album shot up to the thirteenth position on the Billboard charts.

The band took a different approach on "Temper Temper" by doing the initial writing and recording in a Thailand studio. Singer/guitarist Matt Tuck told the Pulse of Radio why they decided on working in Thailand "It was just nice being in a studio 24/7, really, you know, with no distractions from home and stuff," he said. "So that was kind of the main reason why we went there and it just worked out well, you know, because we didn't have any pressures from having to travel, having to cook your own food; just all the stuff that is an everyday process obviously takes a lot of time out of the day to be creative. So just being there, being able to write 24/7, was a huge advantage."

After just eight days on the market, the album has already found a lot of success, I mean, after all, it is Bullet For My Valentine and it was released two days before Valentine's Day.

Bullet for Valentine will hook up with Halestorm for the "HardDrive Live" tour that kicks of on April 12th, in Denver, Colorado.

Be sure to pick you up your own copy if you haven't already.