The state of Florida's investigation on Jameis Winston regarding sexual assault allegations has been completed and SportsCenter will be covering that instead of making us laugh with Anchorman stars, as we thought before.

All of the information from the case will be released on Thursday, which is why it isn't all over ESPN right now. Burgundy and Kind were expected to be on tomorrow night at 6, but, in lieu of some real sports news, the broadcast has been scrapped... for now.

Yeah yeah, I understand this whole Winston thing is a big deal, but really; is ESPN not going to beat this dead horse over the next two weeks anyway (not only on ESPN, but on ESPNNews, ESPN2 as well)? No disrespect here, but c'mon man, that Burgundy stuff was probably going to be gold.

I'm hoping the spoof stuff will be rescheduled sometime soon, and I'm thinking it will be as ESPN really advertised it all around the Net.

Anyway, keep an eye out for the Anchorman stuff, but don't hold out too much hope.