I don't know how I ended up on a link but the headline was, "Mandatory Microchip Implant for all Americans by March 23rd 2013".  Well it's June and I don't have a chip.  The problem with info like this is it scares the soft headed and young among us and it's just irresponsible behavior.  More after the break.


I swear I've lived through about 15 "end of the world" prophesies from the planets lineup up to judgement day to unicorns rising up and slaying us with their steely horns.  These prophesies and others put people on edge and I think that the authors of this nonsense should be held accountable in some way.  I have no idea why these people seem to enjoy screaming about doom and gloom but it's just not cool.

I've also heard that Teddy Ruxpin (the animatronic talking bear) was an "enchanter", the Harry Potter was a tool to teach kids witchcraft and that if you play with your privates too much you'll grow hair on your palms.

None of these claims or prophesies have ever served any purpose other than to scare people and line the pockets of the people making them up.  A lot of these hucksters even go so far as to put a specific date to their prediction and when that date comes and go, I think we should be able to take them to court.  There's just no excuse for scaring people for personal gain.