How many times have you come home from a nice vacation only to come down with a cold or sore throat a few days later? If you're anything like me, a very common occurrence is having a headache the first few days back, which I have finally figured out are actually vacation hangovers.

Check this out, a British woman who had been vacationing in Peru began having headaches and hearing scratching sounds in her head. A few days later she woke up and thought she had an ear infection so she went to the doctor. Expecting to be given antibiotics and sent on her way like the rest of us would.

Imagine her shock (not to mention the doctor's) when he looked in her ear and saw a maggot in her ear drum.

The woman reported she remembered a fly getting in her ear while on vacation, but that she didn't think anything about it, until now.

If your brave enough,you can read the entire story here.

It could be worse...