I got a great idea for the next full-on Batman movie. How about Joker's girlfriend comes back for revenge? The Bat is tormented because he doesn't want to beat up a girl so he gets kicked in the Bat nuts a whole bunch. It's awesome I know.  This continues until the end of the film where Batman finally has a chance to finish her, but as he pauses mid-punch, a voice off screen goes "Hello Bats!" and then it shows the Joker from the back looking over the scene, freeze frame, then out   Where's my $100 mil for this brilliant idea?


Anybody that plays the Batman video games has a thing for Harley Quinn. She's just so damn crazy-dirty-hot. She's probably the best character from Batman that hasn't made it on the screen yet, and certainly one the fans have been screaming for. Well a totally beautiful actress by the name of Sheridyn Fisher has taken it upon herself to make a fan film called "The Red Queen". It's just a little short film, but it brings Harley to life (in a skimpy top). I'm pretty pumped for this project and hope she gets to kick out a few more episodes.

You like? Then watch the actress model swimwear. It rocks!