Beware: The Girl Scouts Are Out and About [VIDEO]
With the warm weather upon us, that means one thing: Girl Scout cookies. And the Girl Scouts are out and about, camped out at your favorite local stores just waiting on you. And to answer the question 'can you scare a Girl Scout,' the answer is no.
Should a One-Year Old Get Their Ears Pierced? [Poll]
As my fiancee Danielle and I made our rounds around Lubbock this weekend, we saw an interesting argument unfolding: a mother was arguing with a grandmother about taking her daughter to get her ears pierced.
We didn't stop to listen to the entire discussion, but it got us talking because this bab…
What Can You Learn From Your 18 Year Old Self?
It was a couple months back that I saw a invite to my 15 year High School reunion on my Facebook page. I was flooded with all kinds of thoughts (some negative, mostly positive), but what really got me thinking was a comment left from one of my former class mates. He did not enjoy his high school yea…
Santa Land’s Opening Ceremony Set For Wednesday Night
There's not a better way to spend time with the family and get in the Christmas spirit than a trip out to Mackenzie Park for Santa Land. Santa and Mrs. Claus, the smell of the fire pits, and a piping hot chocolate are the perfect way for some of us to release our inner Ebenezer Scrooge.
Thousands of Long-Lost FMX Photos Finally Found
When you think about the history of Lubbock's Rock Station 94.5 KFMX spanning 3 decades, FMX has been apart of some of really cool events, concerts and making people happy. What makes it even better is having pictures to remember said events.

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