We've had a half dozen or so complaints about asking "moshers" and "crowd surfers" to say home during the FMX Birthday Bash.  It's really not enough people to really even respond to, but heck, I got blogs to write, so why not?  More after the jump.


This is the "FMX Birthday Bash".  It has our name on it. We don't pay for it or even put it on, but we do feel a tiny bit responsible since our name is out there.  We'd prefer people not leave with bloody noses or carried out on stretchers.  Moshers love to say, that's what happens when people don't 'do it right'.  Well, at EVERY show people aren't 'doing it right'.   After every show we hear about listeners getting kicked in the head, girls being groped and people getting dropped.  If it was your teenage daughter getting violated or your son getting knocked out, you'd be pissed.

Now a very very small segment of the people out there want to call us out because we don't want to see people hurt.  They're not willing to take responsibility, they just want what they want.

The truth is, we can't stop mosh pits. We can't stop crowd surfing.  All we can do is say, stay home.  We can tell security we want moshers and crowd surfers escorted out.  The band and the venue can even disagree with us.  The security may even have it hands too full to deal with people in a pit.  We just want it known that this will be a capacity crowd, so there will be no room for people to move back out of the way.  Also, what gives you the right to take an excellent viewing vantage point away from another paying customer?  Moshers don't look at the band, they look at each other.  Why do you have to ruin that space for someone else?  Like all things in life, your rights end where someone else's begin.  None of this would be an issue if moshing took place in the back, but let's face it. These are people who want to be a part of the show.  Speaking on behalf of the other 99% of the people at the show, WE DON'T PAY TO SEE YOU.  You are an annoyance to us at best.

Let's also look at the bands. Stone Sour & Papa Roach.  Are these really bands to "mosh to".  Are you serious?  I doubt your metal moshing friends would approve.  Are you guys going to start a pit at the Bryan Adams or Bon Jovi shows?   We are going to announce Rooster's Birthday Blowout with J & B Productions very soon.  I'm sure moshing will be very welcome and very appropriate at that show. Now, are we going to show up at your metal show and ruin it by saying 'no moshing"?  No. So how about you don't ruin our Birthday show by showing up and trying to start a pit?  Yes, we "understand" moshing. It's almost a "right of passage" for some people. Some us have already been through it and we've decided to move on.  You can join us in actually watching the bands once.  You might even like it.   The FMX Birthday Bash has been a "family reunion" of sorts over the years.  People come to the Bash that don't go to other shows.  They deserve to have a good time as much as anybody else.

Lastly, I really doubt the complainers and haters are even FMX listeners. The people who have been with us for years know that the only reason we bring up this topic is out of concern for our listeners.  We didn't wake up this morning and thing 'how can we make people mad"?  We thought "wow this is going to be packed, how do we keep people safe"?  Any radio station that would think otherwise wouldn't deserve the listeners it has.