In a storyline out of a Hollywood movie, Congressman Randy Neugebauer found out the impact of the government shutdown.  Not only was the place he was trying to visit shutdown, he was told off by the other tourists.

YouTube             *Actual Photo Of   Congressman Neugebauer

Of course national parks and memorials are closed during this shutdown, but someone has to keep them closed.  A park ranger was actually letting WWII vets who had flown in ( the Honor Flights ) but turning everyone else away.  At this point clueless Randy stepped forward and gave the woman a "how dare you keep them out" at which point the crowd turned on him (gawd, I've been waiting for this a long time). Various people from the crowd began to defend the ranger before a elderly bike rider (who happened to be a 30 year combat veteran) stepped up and placed the shutdown firmly on the shoulders of congress.  Unfortunately Randy walked away before someone slapped the smugness of his face.

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