So the drugstore chain CVS has decided to stop selling cigarettes.  You will no longer be able to to get a pack of smokes along with your condoms and adult diapers. I, for one, say big freakin' deal.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Removing cigarettes from the drug store is very clearly making the statement "we don't carry unhealthy products here".  Well I'm betting you can still get about a hundred other items that would kill you just as quick or quicker.  Whether a store carries a product or not has not impact on whether you make the choice to use it.  I use to go to Amigos quite often and I never bought one of those pieces of cactus in the produce section.

How much stuff do they sell in there that will make you fat?  How much stuff that can over caffeinate you to the point of heart palpitations? And am I wrong, or are they like Walgreens and also sell beer?

I've got an even better one.  How much homeopathic bullsh!t do they sell that gives people some type of hope for a cure but is untested and unregulated by the government?

I still believe in the right for grownups to do what they want with their bodies as long as they're not infringing on someone else's rights.  This is just a publicity stunt plain and simple. I guess it worked because I blogged about it.