I don't often get to see the "Moderator" section on our Facebook. This is an area that is taken care of by our digital guy.  Every once in a while I open it up and there is a comment in there that I wish I could have responded to.  I thought I'd bring you some of those comments.

Brian M. Said:  You ban people from making comments on your facebook page for calling your station payola v2.0. I cringe when you're on the air. You're a dork and nothing about you says "I rock". Do you need directions to (other radio station)? You sir are a laughable contradiction.

First, I don't know who this was directed at, but probably me (I tend to get the complaints). To Brian I say, I have been keeping the torch alive for rock at this station for about 29 of it's 33 years.  I've never taken anything for personal gain and have been donating my memorabilia to the 3 Doors Down Better Life Foundation.  I will cop to being a dork, but I'll bet you never threatened to whip Paul Stanley's ass if he didn't sign autographs for our listeners,  had Zakk Wylde watch my cover band play to more people than he played to, taken Alice In Chains, Mudvayne, Hollywood Undead and others on haunted house tours or done tequila shots with Godsmack.  I could give examples of "how I rock" all day actually.


"Your Face" said: Am I the only one who wishes WES would keep his opinions on his own page. I like to read stuff thats relevant to MUSIC storys and not his religious rants...Anyone????
Once again, I don't know who is forcing anyone to read anything written here.  I won't give you ANY examples, but go to the FMX web page and look at the bottom of the story,  Look at the "numbers reached" numbers on an article about music, then one when I'm talking about something outside of music.  THAT is why I get to talk about whatever I want.  Next, I don't know who banned you, but you don't get to post anonymous slams from a fake email and fake Facebook page.  I have the balls to put my picture right next to my opinion, why are you scared to?
Cody E said: this post is horrible and NO ONE should speak ill of the dead, especially if you do not know any FACTS about what happened.
This was apparently in reference to the Paul Walker crash. Don't know why it went to "Moderate" because I defended against this for days.  I still think it's a poor lesson to children to feel sorry for people who die while engaging in extreme behavior.  In other words, if you die in an avalanche on a mountain know for avalanches, I don't feel sorry for you. I feel badly that you were so inconsiderate of your family that you were off taking unnecessary risks.
Tina O said:  I agree with you Wes. He didn't mean to do it. But if you play with fire, You are gonna get burned.
I don't know why this got Moderated, she is obviously a VERY smart woman.
I'll try to get to the bottom to why some stuff goes into this area.  We welcome all opinions. The people that tend to get banned or Moderated are people who engage in personal attacks, aren't from Lubbock or are obviously trolling.  I myself would rather deal with this stuff as it comes up, like the chucklehead above making random accusations and insults with nothing to base them on.  What I'm finding out is, the people who send hateful stuff like that are generally mad about something else, so they just start making crap up.  Meaning, I had a few generic haters a while back, and when I went to their pages they all had "Support Phil Robertson" stuff on their pages.  Instead of taking a stand on the thing that was making them mad, they just started throwing crap around like a monkey on crack.
Anyways, thanks to those who took time to read all of this. If you read all the way down to here just to see how I was going to make you mad, then you're kind of dumb.  I just wanted to address some comments that I wasn't even aware existed.
***Update***  I feel at that I subtitled this "You're an idiot".  "You're misinformed" or "You're out of line" may have been better titles.  But it would have been kind of lame to change the title after people already started reading it.  I'll try to do a little better in the future.