Front man Phil Anselmo recently talked with Kaaos TV about his band Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals and some other topics which brings up some questions about his career and future in music.

In this interview Anselmo talks about the Pantera classic "Cowboys From Hell" and how nobody really like the album and nobody really got it. I can understand that and how the "CFH" took some getting use to. I mean I don't remember when the album came out but I do remember to listening to it front to back several times and how I thought it was such a great album but that was after I had heard other Pantera tracks and albums. So I can understand where he is coming from.

To address the issue of if Anselmo has something to prove after all these years he of course says "he has nothing to prove but to make interesting music" and so on.

I dig the fact that Anselmo continues to do work with Down, and The Illegals and still will bust out a Pantera track from time to time. I wish he would let the whole Pantera reunion fade away and just stick to Down and The Illegals.

Check out the interview will Phil Anselmo below.