While cereal companies are killing off their mascots in a bloody massacre, one classic mascot is actually coming back. Get ready for the return of "the Noid" after the break.

Lucky always used to proclaim that some bitch-ass was trying to steal his lucky charms. It appears that the Noid has been cleared of that crime because his whole mission in life is to ruin your pizza delivery.  The Noids disappearance has not been explained, but it is possible, given the amount of time he was gone, that he was doing time for manslaughter. The only question at the end of the day would be, "what prison gang would the Noid be in"? He appears to be a white male, but he apparently has Rabbit ears and no one has come forward claiming to have ever seen his/or her genitals. It's possible he is Yakuza because he is missing some fingers.

Do to his possible criminal past and his inner drive to ruin pizzas, it's best that you "Avoid The Noid."