I'm the hugest Kevin Smith fan, but I "like" a lot of his stuff.  Some people worship his films, I just think they're pretty good.  His films mostly involved some type of comedy premise.  Smith has written or directed everything from Clerks to Cop Out.  A lot of people were excited when he was set to make a "controversial" horror movie.  The problem is, the movie just plain sucks.  More after the break.

I don't usually include "spoilers" in my reviews, but I may have to tip you off just a little bit in order to properly review the movie.  The premise is such:  A church, not unlike the Reverend Fred Phelps church (they take the "God Hates Fags" signs to funerals" decides to start sacrificing some of the sinners themselves.  Then the movie turns into a situation like we had with the ATF at Waco, then something preposterous happens and instead of us seeing the end of the movie we see an agent telling other agents what happened.  It's like they filmed 2/3rds of a movie then ran out of money.  So basically, we have one movie which is actually three movies and the last one is nothing but a narrative.  WTF?

I watch some of the absolute sh!ttiest horror movies and just love them.  I don't mind formula or cheap thrills or bad effects, all I care is that some effort is told to tell a story.  This movie moved in too many directions and never really go anywhere...and most importantly, it really isn't a horror movie. For that reason, I give "Red State" only one Nightmare out of five.  It could have been a good movie, it just wasn't meant to be.