We had some listeners ripped off when buying Xfest tickets and we're not happy about it.  The problem is secondary ticket sellers and the only answer is education.  What they are doing is legal, but I think we can all agree its a very, very shady practice.  More after the jump.


We were warned of this scam when a listener called Rooster.  He couldn't believe how expensive X-fest tickets were (he paid like $80 a piece).  We then heard from a few other listeners who were also scammed.  The problem is there are plenty of places that will sell you concert tickets.  All they do is go buy them from the real retailers, jack up the price and send them to you.

So, how do you avoid getting ripped off?  Well, in Lubbock it's actually REALLY EASY.  In Lubbock 99.9% of the shows are going to be either Frontgate Tickets or Select-A-Seat.  Now, drilling down further, almost all rock shows are Frontgate Tickets.  Select-A-Seat is used for shows in City owned or County Facilities.  For example, right now tickets for the FMX Purple Party at the Amp are Frontgate tickets, while Rodney Carrington at the City Bank Auditorium are Select-A-Seat.

Now, where do you get tickets? At this point, you should bookmark these sites.  Online tickets for Frontgate tickets shows are here.  Online purchases for Select-A-Seat are here.

In addition Ralph's carries tickets for all Frontgate and Select-A-Seat shows.  FMX carries tickets for major rock  shows, but we deal on a cash only basis.  All United Supermarkets and Dollar Western Wear are also Select-A-Seat outlets.

Now, once again, if you Google "tickets Lubbock Texas" a BUNCH of places come up, but they will cost you an arm and leg.  You want the official ticket seller to get the best bangfor your buck.

In addition, USE YOUR RADIO STATION.  We don't mind the phone calls.  We don't mind emails.  We're happy to answer your questions.  We need to know when the information out there is a bit cloudy so we can clear it up.

While I was looking for a picture for this blog, I found a pretty cool little bit about "The Olympic Ticket Scalper". Check it out if you have time.