We have had soooooo many other shows before these two big events that we have tons of tickets to pass along to you!  Get all the details for a super hookup after the jump.

Not only did we have other stuff to promote, we have TWO big events for you this Friday and another on Monday. It's a good time to be an FMX listener.


We will have some tickets on location (like tonight at FMX Monday Night Football) but be listening for either the FMX Ticketmonster or for your favorite d.j. to say "Caller 9 now".  We seriously have over a hundred pairs of these tickets to pass along (including a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown for TSO).

Tune In, Rock Out, and Win.  Remember, our request line number is 770-KFMX (5369) or 1-800-677-KFMX (5369).