I totally cannot believe today is November 1st, this year has just flown by! This morning as I lay in bed thinking just how soon Christmas would be here, I realized not only was it November 1st, and one step closer to Christmas, but that it was also the first Friday of the month.

About a year ago we started attending the First Friday Art Trail, and since then I have found myself looking forward to the first of the month just to get out and see all the cool stuff the artists around west Texas were coming up with.

Long story short, I was really looking forward to this months Art Trail because not only did Baron Batch have his art on display, he was there to greet visitors and talk to them, such a humble guy (and his new Angry Man Salsa is friggin tasty).

I know I have told you all this before, and I will keep telling you, if you have not checked this monthly event out yet, you NEED to do it next month.

It's fun, it's all local artists and it is a great place to do some Christmas shopping