I do get the opportunity to pop a full length c.d. or download in every once in a while. There's a few that have really caught my attention and took over the "repeat" button. You probably have sampled even more full c.d.s than me, since I have to listen to all the singles that come my way as well as monitor the radio station. So I have a little list for you of some of my favorite c.d.s from the last few years that I didn't think got the attention approriate to the amount they deserve. The reasons could be anything, lack of promotion, they've outgrown their audience, and in one case, the c.d. is still on the charts and my yet earn the status I think it deserves. Check out my list of five and please feel free to add to it.


5. Monster Magnet-Mastermind.  I'm a big fan of the band, in fact I bought the deluxe edition of this this c.d.  To me Monster Magnet is like McDonalds, they are always consistent and always great. Dave Wyndorf lost a key collaborator in Ed Mundell prior to touring on this new c.d.  Monster Magnet also highlighted a great birthday bash in which they blew Kid Rock off the stage by lighting his guitar on fire.  Here's the single from the album which I think is a simply incredible concept for a video (they could have spent a few more dollars on it, but the concept is killer).

4. Wayne Static-Pighammer.  In these parts we paid attention to Static's latest release but it was criminally ignored across the country, probably due to a lack of promotion. We've played two tracks "Static Killer" and "Assassins Of Youth".  Wayne Static is also a welcome bit of consistency, you know what you're getting with anything he puts his hands on.

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers. You may be going "what's this one doing on the list, you play the heck out of the Chili Peps".  Its included on this list because of HOW GREAT it is.  This c.d. is so great the band performed the entire thing (save one song) live.  I have NEVER wanted to see a band do the "one album thing" but this c.d./project is so amazing beginning to end that I can't believe people aren't shouting it from the rooftops.  "Look Around" is the current single (it's just getting started), but I sincerely hope the band releases "Brendon's Death Song" as a single, for me, that song is the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Freebird".

2. Toadies-No Deliverance.  This c.d. is so consistently great it's amazing.  The Toadies, to the rest of the world,  "disappeared" after the epic "Rubberneck".  This c.d. to me, easily has the same amount of great songs that "Rubberneck" did.  Top choices are "I Am A Man Of Stone", "Song I Hate" and the title track.

1. Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe 2

Man, what do people want from Rob Zombie?  He's tried harder, faster, louder, realer, then he came back with a near clone of his biggest solo c.d.  Still people didn't respond the way I thought they should have.  This c.d. was a glorious return to form, marred only by the lead single "What?" which was an exercise in distortion that really didn't work out.  The best track on the c.d. has to be "Sick Bubblegum" but if you have a few extra seconds check out the amazing intro to "Mars Needs Women", it really shows you the amazing musicianship that John 5 brings to the band.

Check out the cool intro to "Mars Needs Women" here: