Mike Leach was a jerk.  He was also a genius.  Kliff Kingsbury learned well from Leach  At this point it looks like he already "snatched the pebble" from the Masters hand and is ready to make a name for himself.   So I present, "Things You Can Learn From Tech Football".

I'm sure I could go all day on this, but here are five simple life lessons followed by how they are inspired by the way the Tech Football program operates.

*If you aren't bigger than the other guy, be faster.  Other college coaches have actually tried to implement things to slow the game down. The coach has said "we'll slow things down when they quit putting 350 pound monsters on the front line".

*Make the best of what you've got. Like it or not, we're not going to get grade A+ talent in Lubbock.  Sorry, there is very little here to impress recruits other than the football program.  Instead we take B level talent and run them through an A+ program.  Our program focuses on our strengths and not on the status quo out there.

*Keep it simple.  Tech has a relatively simple playbook, but they are so good at it, that they can take advantage of the slight edge that's built into offensive football. Think about it, no one on the offense has to run backward. Offense has momentum.  Offense knows where it's going.

*Keep Trying and don't give up.  Tech runs an offense the way that some of us play video games, we'll hack away and hack away at a level until we finally get to the end. Sometimes you can get frustrated when Tech runs the same play over and over and it doesn't work. The reason they do this is simple, when it does work....it works (and usually pays off big time).

*Have fun.  I don't care how many games Tuberville would have won, watching his teams was like watching people do a job.  Fun is contagious. Fun makes bumps and bruises along the way less noticeable. People want to be a part of something "fun".  Whether you're running a pizza place or getting the group together for a building project, "fun" opens peoples minds and helps you get the best out of them.