FMX Band Camp is set for May 14th at Buffalo Springs Lake.  We're into our fourth big year and we want your band.

It's simple, send us an mp3 or a link to a page where we can hear your music.  We will select ten bands to play.  This is a paid gig.  This event is an absolute blast and the Buffalo Springs Lake Amphitheater stage is killer to play on (it's huge). Any type of band is welcome, but we will try to choose a mix of styles.  We ask one thing-please no other gigs at least two weeks before this one.  The first bands to respond will be given priority status.

Send your link or mp3 to this address.

Last year, the Rock Show was forced to form a band to open the show.  Please don't put us in that position again.  We really don't want anyone to get hurt, but we will if we have to.