Saturday Night Live seems to be on it's last legs, once again. Yep, the show has a habit of bouncing back, but this is a really big loss to the show. Rather than any misty eyed or even snotty farewell, the three leaving cast members sang an original song as "Ian Rubbish and his band". More after the jump.

There seems to be a little debate over whether Jason Sudekis is leaving the show, but Armisen and Hader have made it very clear that they're gone.  In the  video that's Armisen as Ian Rubbish, Hader on the bass and Sudekis on drums.  The are soon joined by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, J. Macias of Dinosaur Jr, Micheal Penn, Amie Mann, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and Carrie Brownstien of Sleater-Kinnyy and also "Portlandia" the other show that Armisen is currently on.