Bret Michaels has put together a virtual who's who of some of rock's best musicians for his forthcoming record that's due in September.I've always been a casual fan of Bret Michaels, but I have to be honest, with the line-up of guest artists that will be featured on the upcoming release "Bret Michaels and Freinds: Get Your Rock On" actually has me looking forward to this new record.

Michaels has teamed up with Joe Perry and country queen Loretta Lynn, on the Poison classic "Every Rose Has It Thorn." Jimmy Buffett, Michael Anthony, all of LYNYRD SKYNYRD, Lil' Jon and Ace Frehley have also joined Michaels on the forthcoming solo album.

Michaels is still working on having Zakk Wylde come in and redo "Go That Far" and hopes to convince Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, to put his own twist on "Talk Dirty To Me."

If this record lives up to it's promise it could rock.