Okay, we're ready to get you hooked up. These embroidered FMX hoodies are perfect for cool West Texas nights, or to wear as a giant diaper if you ever want to play the "I'm an adult sized baby" game. So how do you get one?

Scoring an FMX Hoodie is as easy as listening for the FMX Word Of The Day (I recommend that you listen each day at 8:40 on The RockShow). Enter those words at KFMX.com and then use the points to flat out buy a hoodie (or enter for concert tickets or whatever.) So how many points do you need for one of these dandy fellers? 30,000.  That's not bad considering each Word Of The Day is worth 2,500 points. The hoodies are available in 3X to Large. What size you get will depend on when you pick up the hoodie. In other words: first come, first served.

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