As the days go by and we get ready for the Big Purple Party, one thing that needs to be said is that you need to get there early to checkout the bands that play early in the day. This is the case with Devil You Know and we will let you all about them here!

Devil You Know features ex Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones, Francesco Artusato of All Shall Perish and John Sankey of Devolved.

Howard Jones took over lead vocalist in 2002 when he replaced original Jesse Leach and stayed with KsE for 10 years. When he left Killswitch in 2012 original lead singer Jesse Leach stepped back into the role of lead vocalist.

We didn't hear to much from Howard Jones until it was announced that he would be apart of Devil You Know. Their debut album "The Beauty Of Destruction" is in stores right now.

Devil You Know will take Pavilion Stage around 645pm so if you want to see Devil You Know then you need to get there early.

To give you a taste of Devil You Know here sit heir entire set to get you ready for an epic day of music.