Most high school sports teams have names like Mustangs, Cowboys, Panthers, Tigers, things that sound powerful and intimidating. Granted there are those that make you question what the people who thought the names up were thinking, but in general most names at least sound tough.

I mean really, can you imagine taking the field against the mighty goldfish, or the fighting hamsters. It would be hard to take yourself seriously playing football with a big scary fish on your helmet.

As a man I can honestly say I have been called an "a-hole" more than once in my life. My guess is by the time a guy is 18 he has had at least a few females call him, or refer to him as an "a-hole,' so I guess the name of the team from Minnesota is just a way to help the young boys in the town of Cokato adjust to what women will call them later in life when they are mad at them.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the "Fighting Ahos."

I'd like to hear their school song...