It's a question that is kicked around by just about everyone who listens to rock music. "Who is the greatest rock guitarist of all time?"

Rather it be a drunk argument at a bar or a well thought out discussion at the breakfast table, everyone has their own opinion on who they think the greatest guitar player is for rock.

Some might give a classic rock and roll guitarist like Chuck Berry or George Harrison to classic rockers like Jimi Hendrix or Keith Richards. A few rockers might even say newer guitarists like Jack White or Tom Morello.

The great thing is that everyone can have their own opinion. It's also nice to know that there are so many different opinions out there. Now here's your part. Enter your nominations in our Facebook widget below this story. Everyone's comments will be read and tallied and we'll compile the list of the top rock guitarists of all time according to you.

It's your music, it's your decision, it's your list. We want to hear it.