I noticed this written on our Facebook page and I immediately recognized the passion of the writer. His name is Victor Jose Magri. I contacted Victor and asked if I could share his comments with readers of our web page. Yes, it's true, he does agree with a lot of the stuff we've been thinking, but Victor wrote this of his own accord and that means a lot to us. If you'd like to read his blog, click through:

Here is the guest blog:


It is all over your boards, but I wanted to say what an amazing show that was. Axl busted his ass, he ran that stage like he was 26 and had something to prove. How many bands are so competent and comfortable with who they are and where they are at, that they will whip out both a little Elton John and an entire verse and chorus of "Another Brick in the Wall" from the eternal Pink Floyd? It wasn't enough that they played for nearly 3 1/2 hours but then you've also got them playing an impromptu version of some obscure Buddy Holly song, in Lubbock, his hometown, and acknowledging it as such? Where were you? Crying that you haven't seen a great show in 15 years but you weren't there? Here is a secret you jerks. A lot of times a great frontman is actually pushed and shoved into relevance by a younger, newer or different band behind him. And Axl had one hell of a band. Dizzy and Izzy (ed note: actually that was DJ Ashba) were both still in there, so what does that tell you? This little fact was true of David Lee Roth, it is true of Sammy Hagar both of whom I paid the $$ and saw thanks to Lane Arnold and FMX.

IT WAS $25 per ticket! TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS! You had to have one Benjamin and three friends but really! $100 to see GNR? That is a hell of a deal and you may not see it anytime soon.

I don't care what your feelings are or aren't for any of these bands but FMX is on a roll with "The Big Purple Party", "The FMX BD bash" and now the GnR Show. Next time they tell you to go see a show, well your really ought to go!

-Victor Jose Magri-