As I have said before when I get the opportunity to meet a band its really hit or miss.Heathen and I had the opportunity to go to the fair and introduce Halestorm to all the eager fans that had came to the show last night. As Heathen and I went backstage we got to meet Halestorm and they are some of the coolest people in the rock and roll industry. They didnt have to hang out with us. they could of done what most bands do, sit on the bus and wait for their time to go on stage. Even after their set they stayed around to meet the fans that came to see them. I have never been a big fan of Halestorm. But their attitude is what sold me on their music.

I give huge props to Halestorm for being one the coolest "rockstars" that I have been able to do the hang with!

And huge props to our own John Berry for taking some killer pics of the gig. You can see all of his pics here!