Okay, this is going to have some rough "tones" to it, but hey, it's about Penthouse Magazine.  I think it was about 2007 when we did the "Rock the Penthouse" contest where winners got to go hang with Tommy Lee of the Crue, then of Methods Of Mayhem in the Penthouse "Penthouse".  Ever since that day I've had a free, unsolicited subscription sent to the radio station.  The magazine has mainstreamed a bit lately, but there were some really weird years in there.


You have to remember that Penthouse was responsible for full frontal nudity.  Until they came along Playboy was boobs and butts.  Penthouse not only gave you the "Full Monty", they had a soft focus/peeping Tom look about all their photos.  Things started changing in the 2000's as management started changing and some of the founders went away.

Since I started receiving the mag in 2007 they went through a hardcore phase (full on men and women doing dirty things) and even a phase where there was a lot of whizzing going on (yeah, I know, I didn't like that one bit).  They've settled into a "porn light" phase now.  You usually get a couple of different girls, and a couple sets of girl/girl pictorials.  In these pics, they aren't afraid to, let's say, explore themselves and each other. All of these girls, apparently, star in Penthouse made porn.

As for the magazine itself, it's pretty awesome.  I know you don't want to believe me, but the first thing I check out is the games/movies section.  They also feature some pretty awesome in depth journalism on things like veterans rights or the drug wars.  They've added a silly "cartoon-ization" of a Penthouse Forum letter and an advice column or two. The current issue is their "44th Anniversary Issue".  They aren't really playing the anniversary up too much, but YES, the cooters seem extra special in this new issue and no matter how many dirty pictures are on the internet, there's still something about magazine photography that just looks better.

Happy Birthday Penthouse.