Today Glenn Danzig the craft veteran of doom and gloom and perfecting the art of being a D!CK and today we celebrate his birthday by reliving the moment when Danzig got owned by the singer of The North Side Kings Danny Marianino.

There isn't any denying the influence that Glenn Danzig has had on so many musicians over his impressive career in music. The only down side is the fact that Danzig isn't the nicest dude in rock and roll. He notorious for being a D!CK, so I never feel bad when I watch the video of him getting slapped.

Danzig is responsible for helping form one of the most influential punk bands of all time, Misfits. Their logo is one of the most recognizable in all of music. After leaving Misfits he continued on under his name Danzig and still continues to tour and make great music.

Happy 59th birthday to Glenn Danzig!