So when did become offensive to say anything other than Merry Christmas? And when did it become offensive to say Merry Christmas?  I'm pretty sure I could find Xmas ads from the 50's or whatever that said one or the other or both and no one made a big deal about it.

My guess is that some of these media outlets complaining about a "war on xmas" stirred all of this up.  We were doing just fine until the last year or so.  I really doubt the writers of the childrens book I found (pictured)  were trying to hurt anybody's feelings.

Now here's where I'm going to get a bit angry.  I have heard recently of wait staff, department store folks and others basically being accosted because they said "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".  That is pure bull and about the most un-Christianlike behavior I can imagine.  Do you really think these employees are part of some type of master-plan to rob you of your religious reason for the season?  I also find it amazingly chickensh!t that the speak up against the greeting when these employees are in a vulnerable position.  I know these crusty hold jerks sit around telling everyone around coffee "the next time someone says Happy Holidays to me, I'm going to tell them IT'S CHRISTMAS DAMMIT!", then they encounter a guy of my stature and they think, "well maybe next time I'll say something", then wait until they can pick on a little girl behind a counter.

I personally take no offense at any holiday greeting. I'm happy you took the time to smile and at least give me a wish that I might have a couple of decent days back to back.  So to you I wish you "Good Times".  I also wish you Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays and most importantly I hope you have some fun and good food with your family and friends.