Of course when a show sells out, those people who didn't get tickets will find something to complain about. In this particular occasion, everyone was warned, had a fair shot at tickets and have only themselves to blame.

Matt Roberts, Getty Images

There were 400 tickets online and 200 at Ralph's.  The 400 sold out in four minutes and tickets were sold as far away as Mexico, Germany and Australia (We warned everyone this would happen).  Still the promoter was good enough to leave 1/3 of the tickets to local walk-ups at Ralph's.  As noted below, most people in Lubbock didn't believe us when we said this show would go quick and didn't bother getting to Ralph's early.  When we announced the 400 were gone, then Ralph's was swamped. This was fortunate, because if Ralph's hadn't sold out to local folk by noon, the tickets would have been pulled and sold online. I don't see any way people could call this process unfair.

It's a hard life for promoters. They can only guess which shows will make a buck and/or how quickly they well sell.  Even after years in the business, they still frequently get it wrong.   It's days like today that promoters live for.  I don't think the promoters should have to worry about "who" buys their tickets at all, but in this instance I think the ratio of tickets online to in house was perfectly good (and based on how tickets usually sell in the market).  Now, if you don't think it's fair that the rest of the world or people outside of Lubbock get a shot at tickets at the same time, it's easy to remedy that.  BUY TICKETS LOCALLY when they go on sale.  The promoter isn't going to sit around and wait for you to do it, he has too much on the line. If they see more tickets being sold to walk-ins, they will reserve more tickets for walk-ins.  It's that simple.

Sorry if you missed out. Some of you had really extenuating circumstances that would not allow you to get online or on the phone.  If you're one of the people that just said "when I get around to it", then you have no one to blame for yourself.

F.Y.I.  Tickets are already being scalped, STARTING at $150.00 a piece.