Congressman Randy Neugebauer has formally filed for re-election and will no doubt win easily. The question is, why?  Neugebauer hasn't been successful at representing ANYONE, by ANY standards, conservative or liberal.  This guy has now been in office ten years and his embarrassments are bigger than his accomplishments.

YouTube/What A Neguebauer!

Take a look at the Wikipedia on Neugebauer.  Notice how the two bigger instances of his dunderhead behavior FAR outweigh his paltry accomplishments on some SUBcommittees.  He's a propped up do-nothing loudmouth with no real "juice" to get anything done in Washington.

Randy reminds me of our recent election of Victor Hernandez.  It's as if the district is saying "yeah I know he's a moron, but he's OUR moron".  Well, that's not good enough for me.  If we're going to send incompetent people to D.C., then let's give someone else a change. There is literally no way we could do worse.

P.S.  If you're wondering what's in the picture, it's white dog sh!t.  Yeah, that's what I think of the guy.