Marijuana is now legal in Colorado.  Millions will go into their economy and millions will go into their taxes.  People are getting what they want and that's how it should be.  There are a few simple facts that can no longer be ignored.

Hey, I'm no expert in this field; I don't even smoke pot.  It just seems to me that there is an inevitability around the corner and in the meantime innocent people are going to jail and we're missing what could be a giant economic boon.

So what about those "facts", well since I don't want to spend my morning quoting scientific studies, let's just go with the stuff that appears obvious and you can correct me if I'm wrong.

Pot usage appears to have lower health risks associated with it.  People on pot don't display violent tendencies like is often the case with alcohol.  It's not hard to get pot now-people obviously want it.  People who are smoking "synthetic pot" are putting themselves at great risk when the real thing isn't available.  Pot could be a HUGE cash crop for Texas and give farmers a great crop option.

I'll bet you could come up with a dozen other reasons why marijuana should be legal, my point is that it's probably a forgone conclusion that it will happen someday. I'm just hoping Texas recognizes this fact in time to quit prosecuting otherwise innocent smokers and  take advantage of the money it could generate for the state.