You can probably already see pivotal points in your life.  Points where if you would have just made a slightly different decision your life would have turned out completely differently.  This is a story of a MAJOR one in my life.

Three Lions, Getty Images

So what would you do if you could do it all over again?  While I'm pretty happy with my personal life, I often wonder if I should have taken a "straight" job.  Part of being a d.j. on a rock station is being a little, or sometimes very controversial.  I'm not normally a "sh!t-stirrer" kind of guy.  It just kind of comes with the territory.  I also wish I would have done time in the military, but I know if I did I would have been military for life.  That kind of thing just suits me to a degree.

All of this leads me to how one little town completely changed my life. This video contains at least one word that is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  It also contains me smiling which is something I really don't do.  You decide which one of those things makes it more inappropriate.

*This blog dedicated to K.P.  You're there for the right reasons.