Have you ever noticed that you RARELY people smile when they are in Walmart?  People are generally just not happy to be there.  Well, I'm not a hater and I know a lot of good people work at Wallyworld.  I could improve the attitude of Walmart customers in one small, bold move.  Details after the break.


So I went into my local Walmart Monday night at 6:00 p.m.  This is probably a pretty peak time because people are getting off work and picking up stuff for dinner.  The place was jamming and full of grumpy folks.  Any guesses why everybody was hatin' it?  Here you go:  31 check out stands.  6 of them open.  And for some reason all of them on one side of the store for no real reason.

So I'm going to ask Walmart one tiny favor and I'm willing to make a bargain.  Walmart, you are hereby allowed to charge me a little extra every time I go in if you'll just put a few more checkers on. Or how about we get some self checkouts like the big city Walmarts.  Please Wallyworld. There are people out there who want to love you, but the arrogance of limited checkers is unbelievably frustrating.