Friday and Saturday we help celebrate life on two wheels with the "Hub City Bikefest".  On Friday it's family day with just a $5 cover (proceeds go to vets working the event).  What's cool though, is they are taking a clue from the South Plains Fair and opening up Friday for Lunch for free!  Details after the break.

Why not take a quick trip out to east 19th during the lunch hour Friday for a fun lunch.  You'll find everything from barbeque to Cajun shrimp to alligator!

Saturday's event is 18 and up with a 'best bum' contest and a nighttime concert from TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION.  Throughout the day there"s merch, burnout contests, more music and lots of fun.This event had grown to the size where it's almost hard to believe that it happens in Lubbock.  For more details here.