My buddy had a near death experience the other day.  Like most of us stubborn bastards he waited until the last moment to have himself looked at and he could have died at any second. He told me as he was riding the ambulance to the Hub that he wasn't scare to die but that he regretted not having one more chance to tell a couple people he loved them.

What about you?  Do you let the people around you know you appreciate them often enough?  Have you told your kids you love them?  Seems to me there's always somebody on Facebook wishing they would have had that moment with their parent(s).

My friend, like myself is "too weird to live, too rare to die" (Hunter S. Thompson).  He gave the grim reaper the middle finger and for some reason it worked.  Things don't always work out that way.  Some of you find it too awkward to express your feelings.  Some of you are holding onto petty grudges. Some people wait until it's too late to say the things that should be said.

That's why I was thinking that we should put a little extra love into today.   We don't want to put it off until tomorrow.  It's simple.  Just hug somebody you love today.  Yeah,  they might think "well, that was random", but here's always a chance they've been waiting on that hug as well.  Heck, if it gets too weird then forward this blog so maybe they'll understand.

Remember, not everybody gets a "near-death experience", but we all get a "death experience.  Show some love today, because as they say, "tomorrow is never guaranteed".

*This blog dedicated to T.L.W. and S.R.