I didn't actually eat a baby, I ate a new Town and Country burrito that was the size of a baby. Maybe it was just as big as an offensive lineman's forearm, but it was damn big.

Heathen and I went to the T & C for breakfast. We were set to do the 'roll your own' thing, then we glimpsed giant fried goodness in the burrito/corndog/chicken leg holder. Now you're all familiar with the 2 for $1.29 (or whatever) beef and beans that have always been there. You're also familiar with the much larger Chimichanga. Now they've added a big fried monstrosity that's about four of those little burritos or two Chimichangas back to back. These things are seriously big enough that you could use one to break a car window in an emergency.

Now, why would you want one of these giants? It's simple, they have more of a burrito 'sweet spot' than the others do.  You know when you're eating a fried burrito and that first bite is all crunchy but it doesn't have much filling, then you get to the middle "sweet spot" where all the good stuff is bunched up, finally finishing up with a crunchy ending that sometime you throw away just because you know it's not going to be as good as the previous bites? ( Yeah, it took a big bad-ass run on sentence to explain my burrito thinking/eating process). So anyways, these fireplace log size burritos also seem to be packed with cheese, which is barely there or non-existent in the smaller ones.

Yeah, I'm regretting eating it now, but someone had to do. Man up and try one for yourself. Oh, and we also noticed they now have Jalapeno Corndogs too; we're going to try those next time.