Looking for a marketing gimmick?  Why not call your business a "Christian" business? I noticed a story about a "Christian" gym and it got me wondering, what's the point?  Read more, or don't after the jump.

Does it matter to you if the business you're going to is "Christian"?  Do you make a point of shopping at places that use that label?  Do you make a point of shopping at businesses that don't use that label?

I'm am in no way doubting the sincerity, but to a degree questioning the motives of labeling a business with a religious connotation.  I just don't know if those things matter, or need to be on display.  It does seem a little pushy and a little crass.

Let's talk in generalities...most Hispanics are Catholic. So can you go into a Mexican food restaurant if you don't agree with the religion? What about a Chinese restaurant?  They chances of them being "Christian" is slim.

I just find it to be a bit pandering to label a business as "Christian" as if you are somehow helping "the cause" if you shop there. At the time time I do see a point to being around people who are interested in the same things you are; that's why I titled this blog the way I did-is being a "Christian" business just a "hook" to bring people in like "organic" is/was/can be? I don't have an answer, I just think we should ask ourselves the question. Please put your thoughts in below.