Okay, I'm face palming right now, but at the same time I wanted to find out more about the demon in "The Last Exorcism" films.  So, I typed in "Abalam" and the question "Is the demon from the Last Exorcism real?.   I hate to tell you this, but demons are not real (Spoiler alert: neither are dragons, the Tooth Fairy or Bigfoot).  Now to phrase things a little more properly, the demon Abalam is based on a demon from Christian mythology.  More after the jump.


According to the stories, Abalam is also known as Paimon and he's one of the kings of hell (it's like being the mayor of Whiteface of something).  He's also described as being a man with a womans face who rides a dromedary (like a camel) and he has some New Orleans funeral band like group of musician demons who proceed him.  Now that you've made it to this point in the story it's said that even speaking his name can be construed as "summoning" him.  I guess at the point I should apologize for not giving you that information sooner.  I will apologize later if the demon doesn't eat your face or molest your ear holes.

(If you'd like a  little more information on Abalam, click here.)

The Last Exorcism  Part 2 is in theaters now.