I encourage you to vote so that you can say you did. It should be a source of pride and maybe, just maybe your vote might, just might mean something in the NEXT election.


Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

I read this study in the book Freakanomics and online here.  Almost all of the larger races (like congressional and state legislate) are decided by a margin of 22 to 25%.  That means your single vote, or even you and your whole office have NO chance of changing the course of an election.  Now for smaller races, you MAY have a little influence, but other than school board type stuff, chances are incredibly slim that anything will be decided by you.

It's disheartening, isn't it?  Well like I said, vote out of pride or vote to send a message.  I voted to do my part and hopefully my friends will do the same, but unless you are part of a herd in a much larger city, your vote is purely a symbolic gesture.

And in case your wondering, the picture has nothing to do with the story.  Just like your vote has nothing to do with who wins.