I'm not down with all the downtown development.  The people of Lubbock 'vote' every day when they get in their cars; they don't care about downtown.  So, why should anybody care if "Supersigns" are allowed downtown.  More after the jump.


Lubbock has a very strict sign ordinance, it's both the reason why Lubbock tends to look so clean and so "small town".  Now developers want to put these huge mega signs downtown and I really don't have a problem with it.  It might be a bit "unfair" to allow these signs downtown and nowhere else, but allowing them is really a "hail Mary pass" for that area.  Basically no one in Lubbock cares about downtown and if these investors think these signs are going to make some kind of difference down there, then hey, let 'em spend their money.

The world is changing folks.  We can't expect to always do what we've always done and get different results.  In many ways Lubbock is still stuck in the 1950's.  It's time to grow up and adapt to some of the new innovations. Then again, Coca-Cola and others used to paint their logo on the side of buildings, so maybe it's not so "new" after all.  My only question as a citizen is, 'how are you going to keep those signs on the side of the building in one of the windiest cities in America?' .  I'm much more concerned about safety, than looks when it comes to these signs.   If the proper safety measure are taken, then let's roll 'em out.