There is a time and place for everything"
Just think about that...
Did you think about it?...
Okay good.

Jordan Brown

But seriously, that statement all on its own is something that really makes you think isn't it? I mean really!! Come on! The fact that people say there is a time and place for everything might have some truth to it but to be perfectly honest it just makes me wonder why right now, at this very moment in time, is the perfect place for everything to happen! I mean really! If something is going to happen to you or you're about to experience something why not have it at that moment?! Why not go do something crazy for a change? Why not decide to do something you've never done before even if it's something as simple as tasting a different kind of ice cream that you've never tasted or even heard of? Live life today! Live life the way you want to now! It's never too late to make changes and your life only consists of the things you want it to and your life only has the attitude that you have so if you want a better life change your attitude!! Life isn't meant to be wasted it's meant to be treasured!
If you have a problem with someone TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT!!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY!! There is absolutely NO point in holding a grudge against someone for a long period of time because all it does is keeps YOU from being at your highest potential. RISE ABOVE IT! BE THE BIGGER MAN (or woman) and TALK to them about it! Lay everything out on the table for both of you to see and see if you can't work it out. I'm not saying you have to make up and sing "Kumbiya" together after figuring things out but at least get to the point where both of you can feel sane about what the next step in your life is going to be. You know the saying, "When one door closes another one opens"? Well, all I have to say is if you try to talk things out and neither of you can be rational human beings about the situation then CLOSE THE DOOR! I mean seriously! Life is wasted on the petty bullshit that ruins someone's day. Rise above it, work it out, and live life as you want to.
Now that little paragraph wasn't about significant other relationships. That was just a generalization of different relationships that might be going on in your life...
This one, however, is very much about significant other relationships....
First and foremost. Relationships can be easy to start, it's the length of the relationship that takes work. I'm going to basically put this in a list and hopefully you'll at least think about following it. I'll also put it in chronological order starting from when you would start a relationship to ending one or if you get married and stick with them then when you die.
1.) If you see someone at a bar that you think is attractive, more than likely that will not turn into an actual relationship but more than a one night stand if you even get that far.
2.) Figure out if you want an actual relationship with someone or if you're just wanting to mess around...literally
3.) If you're just wanting to mess around you might as well stop reading this and go on with your life and when you decide to actually grow up and spend the rest of your life with someone I invite you to come back and continue reading this life lesson that I'm almost positive you're going to need to read.
4.) If you are wanting to look for someone to date and possibly turn into the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with then GET TO KNOW THEM! A person that you meet for a weekend or something like that is not going to be the person for you and I'm pretty sure they're one of those people that need to go back and read #3 again.
5.) If you're still looking for someone, look around you. I don't just mean friends I'm talking about someone that you might run into all the time or maybe you meet someone and they ask you out on a date.
6.) GO ON A DATE AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK THEM OUT!! What's the worst that could happen, they say "No"? So what! At least you did it instead of having your finger up your nose wondering if something could have come out of it.
7.) If you meet someone and both of you seem very much into each other and are having a lot of fun just hanging out and going on dates you might as well take the next step and make the transition of dating into boyfriend and girlfriend.
8.) If you tried dating and it doesn't work out, even if you became boyfriend and girlfriend and it still didn't work out, don't sweat it! Know that you gave it your all and be happy that you got to learn from this experience because it can only better prepare you for when you meet "THE ONE".
9.) Once you are with someone, you guys have become each other’s significant others, cherish each other and learn to love each other. Take the time to get to know each other and take the step that all couples can go through like stay the night, to moving in, and to finally, maybe, popping the question and getting married to spend the rest of your lives with each other and COMMIT TO THAT! Because why else would you have taken the time to get to know each other for that long!
And Finally…
10.) If you are in a relationship with someone, and it doesn't work out and you feel like your heart is broken and you’re not sure if you could ever see them again and then you might hate the next person they date because we have ALL been there, trust me, I know. Try not to let it get you down. Take the time you need to move on and move on. Maybe you'll be better as friends if you were that close and maybe you will be able to hang out with them all the time afterwards. Or maybe it ended badly and you just never want to speak or see them again, your choice. All I'm trying to say is take the time that you need to heal but don't take to long to heal because you might miss out on something greater! I say a month is the longest someone is allowed to wallow over someone and to be honest if it is taking you that long to get up on your feet just tell me and I'll come over and smack you and tell you to get the fuck up and move on because you probably already missed out on someone who could have been waiting for you! GEEZ!!
And then there was one more….
For those of us who believe that there is a special someone that is out there for us, or we believe that the possibility of love at first sight is real; (You know that moment when both of you really see each other for the first time and it hits you like a ton of bricks and makes you want to say "Holy shit on an alter! What just happened?" and "Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you.") that moment. That moment is really, it can be very real. It just might be hard to find. But if you find it, hold on tight and don't let go because that happens once in a life time and only for those who really wait and believe that it could happen. It’s not something to laugh about or scoff at, it's a gift to have something like that in your life.
Just be patient, life is full of surprises. But please take what I have said to heart. Life is to short to be wasted. Don't worry about little things. If you want your life to change then change it. If you want to be with someone than be with some one.
And if you want to love someone and be loved….then love.
Because there is never a RIGHT time and place for everything