I heard about this movie over at Bloody Disgusting or Ain't It Cool, I just now caught up with it on cable. It's a Cuban zombie flick called "Juan Of The Dead".  It's a great look at modern day Cuba tied together with a great, comedic zombie flick. There's only one problem (for some of you), it's subtitled.  More after the jump.

Much like it's predecessor "Shaun Of The Dead", "Juan Of The Dead" is about ordinary 'Joes', or in this case "Juan's" dealing with a zombie apocalypse.  I have NO IDEA how they made such a great, comedic zombie flick in Cuba.  It thought that place was so politically locked down that there was no way they could do something like this, but this film was indeed filmed in Havana.  Look for "Juan Of The Dead" on your cable and check out the trailer below: