If you are a fan of the show "Sons of Anarchy", one of the most shocking deaths was that of Kip "Half-Sack" Epps.  If you remember, "Half-Sack" was helping watching Jax's son when he was killed off.  Things have turned out even more tragic for the actor in real life.  More after the jump.



The New York Daily News is report that the actor "Johnny Lewis" has died in a set of bizarre circumstances.  Boiling the current story down to purest form, it appears that Lewis killed his landlord, beat up two neighbors who responded to the screams, then somehow jumped to his death from the top of the house.  Drugs are suspected, but it's too early to tell if even the basic series of events I've outlined are true.

It should also be noted that Lewis ASKED to be let out of his contract on S.O.A. at which point it was decided to kill the character off.  Johnny Lewis was just 28.

While looking for his picture, I found this tribute video featuring some of his best moments from the show.