Valentines has come and gone and those of you that are good boyfriends or husbands remembered to get your girl chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and dinner, and... you get my drift if you are trying to give a gift that is going to live up to the hype you better start planning now for next year.

Ask any woman what she wants for Valentines day and most will include chocolate in their gift list. Only problem with that is 2 weeks later they are complaining about being fat. and asking you why you gave them chocolate and ruined their diet.

So here is my idea for next year guaranteed to make you both happy, a bottle of chocolate syrup, a shower curtain, and some strawberries... IF you play it right she gets the best of both worlds and so do you, chocolate combined with exercise for her and chocolate and creativity for you.

SO everyone ends up satisfied and happy and no one gains weight.